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These images have been scanned in from Mum and Dad's albums.  I'm still working through the slides.  i must get on to that ....

An alternative (and more complete) view based on Gallery2 is available here.  Read the instructions first.

Mum's Wedding Day Film (5MB) This film lived in a small tin can in Mum's pantry for years.  Mum can't remember who recorded it.  Most of it is fuzzy but there are a few nice frames in the 95 seconds.

Album 1

Grandpa White's album.  Some historical treasures in this one.
Album 2 Bit of a mixture in this one.  Has Mum & Dad's wedding photographs.
Album 3 This is one of Dad's.  Pre-family i'm thinking.
Album 4 Another of Grandpa White's.
Album 5 A little mixture.
Album 6 "The Allan" album. 
WWI Relics As far as i can work out Grandpa got sent off to the war late in the conflict, got sick on the trip, recuperated in South Africa, and by the time he recovered it was all over. Phew!  Along the way he collected a few bits and pieces.
Photos Loose photos
More Photos Another collection of loose prints
Slides Dad's ... more to come.

To add a veneer of privacy, i've restricted these images by a username and password .  Send me a mail and i'll send you the login details.