Roseworthy Railway

Ok ... admittedly Roseworthy is a bit of a hike from Cockatoo Valley, but it's kind of local and definitely a favourite destination.  Mostly Roseworthy is known to South Australians as a radar trap on the highway north of Adelaide, but nearby is the rural campus of the University of Adelaide which, oddly enough, is home to the Roseworthy Railway - a miniature railway.

The railway is open once a month typically Sunday afternoons, but during the summer the trains run on Saturday evenings.  We've been visiting this railway since our first boy was old enough to take an interest in trains and we just keep going back.  It's not flashy, but it is well organised, safe, and in a lovely setting.

Trains rides along the 500m or so of track cost a dollar each so a night out hardly breaks the bank.  Watch out for ads in the Gawler Bunyip and also in the Adelaide Advertiser.  Covered shoes are a must. 

Click here for some pics.

Thank you to the Roseworthy Railway people for all they fun they've given us.